Can't get a fight? 'The politics in prize fighting you will not believe' -Conor McGregor

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

“Funny enough, I just want to compete now,” McGregor said. “I was trying to get the Dec. 14 card. For whatever reason, they’ve been holding me back. I’m giving them dates. I’m saying ‘I want to fight this date, this date, this date, this date in a row.’ We have opponents selected and everything. They’re just making it very difficult for me for whatever reason.”

“For me, I used to fight every couple of weeks really before the UFC came,” McGregor said. “Then, it was every couple of months. Now, the politics of the prize got involved. It’s almost like I fight one and then I go up. I don’t like that.

“You can’t be like that in this game. I must continue. Consistency is another word for it. You must be consistent. Once we get the first one done and get past the politics of this, I will continue to go.”

While Mixed Martial Arts is a sport, MMA Promotion is a business. Yes, you are a star but you only stay a star as long as your in the spot light. Fighters have this small window of opportunity to build a brand so they don't have to become reliant on fighting and promotions. Use them to put you in the spotlight and your brand to keep you there.

Building a brand makes a promotion need you more than you need them. You can bring them money, hopefully, a lot of money. The more money you bring the promotion, the more they will want to use you. As you can see from Conor's situation, promotions don't have to though. So what do you do if they refuse to let you fight? Could you survive?

Conor McGregor is in a good spot. During his career, he has build a brand, a big brand. His brand will ensure he continues to get paid even though he hasn't fought in over a year. Are you in that same position? Have you build enough to where they need you more than you need them? Or do you live fight to fight thinking the next is guaranteed?

How do you build a brand? See Athlete Brand

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