How to take the perfect photo Pt.1

You wouldn't think about the perfect picture when you think MMA Fighting but the two go hand in hand. Your ability to capture yourself in a good way will only appeal more to fans. and the more fans... the more money. Here's some tips for capturing yourself right.

1. Shoot from above. Shooting the photo from above will provide a more flattering angle. It will likely emphasize your eyes and make your face and neck seem smaller.

· Shooting from below can make some people seem powerful, but it usually makes the chin and nose look prominent, which is not a flattering look for most people.

· It’s best not to go too high so the photo doesn’t get distorted.

· Hold the camera out and a little above eye level. Then take the picture.

2. Find the shadowed side of your face. Look at your face in a mirror or the camera (or take a practice photo), and find which side of your face looks darker due to being further from the light source. Take the photo from the shadowed side for an artistic and slimming effect. This approach may not work in direct sunlight

3. Use artistic approaches. Instead of a traditional, head-on self portrait, try taking the picture in a different way. Here are a few alternative shots you may consider:

· A profile shot from the side

· Half of your face—either the right or the left

· Zoom in on your eye, mouth, or cheek

4. Do not center yourself in the shot. The best photographs follow what’s known as the rule of thirds. This means that your eyes should be one third of the way down from the top of the photo and off to one side. This provides a more interesting photograph and probably a more flattering angle.

5. Keep the camera away from your face. The lens of the camera will distort anything that it is physically close to. A selfie, because it’s generally made by holding a camera within arm’s length of your face, often makes the nose appear larger than it is, which is not a look that many people care for.

· If you want a close-up shot, zoom the camera in slightly, then hold it far away from you or take it further away and then crop the photo to make it seem as though it was taken close-up.

· If your camera has a timer, prop it up against something, set the timer and back away. The resulting photo will likely be much improved.

6. Use your phone’s main camera. Though the rear-facing camera is more convenient for taking pictures of yourself, your smart phone’s main camera is likely a much higher quality, and will take better pictures.

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